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Friday, July 8, 2011

THEATER: Love, Sex and the IRS

Nicholas Wilder as "Leslie"
and Alexander Taylor Mace as "Jon"
"Love, Sex, and the IRS" opened at the Millbrook Playhouse on June 30th and my cheeks still hurt from laughing. If any of the subjects mentioned in the title appeal to you, go to see it.

Leslie and Jon, two guys trying to make it as musicians, share an apartment in New York City. To save money on their taxes, Jon has been filing them as a married couple and when the IRS comes to investigate the only sensible thing to do is have Leslie become the “little woman”. Girlfriends, landlords, and mothers show up to complicate things.

Nicholas Wilder gets a chance to strut the stage in drag and an uglier woman has never been seen at Millbrook. The combination of his costuming and his reluctance to wear high heels and make-up is perfect.

Nicholas Wilder as "Leslie"
His roommate Jon, played by Alexander Taylor Mace, is believable as the instigator of this ridicules solution. He is the perfect foil for the silliness of the other cast members.

Ted Cockley is back again this year as the beer swilling landlord. I have often wondered how his parishioners feel about his playing the wild and wacky parts that he seems to carry off so well.

Vivian, Jon’s mother, is bravely played by Eileen Glenn. Somehow she manages to keep a certain amount of dignity in the middle of all of the confusion. A complement to Ms Glen -- even though I have seen her in shows in the past, I did not recognize the actress in this role. That, my friends, is talent.

The girl friends, Kate and Connie, were equally convincing. Allison Jordon, as Kate, is on stage through most of the play and adds her own comedic touch as she tries to hold the boys in line.

Connie, played by Monica Bradley, was a delightful surprise. She was the best touch of “New York” in the show. I wish she were going to be in another play this season; I would like to check what was personality and what was acting.
Nicholas Wilder as "Leslie",
Alexander Taylor Mace as "Jon" and Eileen Glenn as "Vivian"

Brett Epstein almost stole the show as the IRS man. His character gets to go through a wide range of acting opportunities. You have no idea how “still” this man can be. You have to see it to believe it.

Patrick Carroll rounds out the cast, providing the surprise ending.

"Love, Sex, and the IRS" is running July 6th through the 10th. It is in their Cabaret, so don’t forget to take snacks and beverage of choice.

"Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" will be on the Main Stage starting July 7.

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