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Monday, August 1, 2011


FAT PIG is currently playing on the Cabaret Stage at Millbrook Playhouse and the author, Neil LaBute, has a definite point to make.
Tiffany Green and Nicholas Wilder
Photo courtesy of Erika Courtney

Tom has met Helen and fallen in love. Tom’s co-workers, Carter and Jeanie, only see that Helen is a plus-size woman, not that she makes Tom happy.  In a world obsessed with being thin, the people at work go beyond being rude to being openly cruel to the new couple.

Thanks to the play being very well cast, this is a surprisingly good production. Three of the cast members are very familiar to us and it was great to see yet another side of their talents.

Tiffany Green was perfect as Helen. Tiffany has shown that she is able to sing, dance, direct, and act -- all exceptionally well. The role demanded the ability to show a combination of great self-confidence and vulnerability. Tiffany carried it all off with ease.

Nicholas Wilder played Tom so well that the ending of the play was right in character. This is a role that demands that the audience sees beneath the surface of a character. Watching Nicholas in his earlier roles this season made this performance even more impressive.

Again we saw a different side to Ali Kresch. Jeannie is a bit of a stretch for an actress; she goes from being needy to cruelly angry to being the one who may understand the relationship between Helen and Tom. I am beginning to believe that Ali can do it all.

Jeff Blim was a new face and his role as Carter was fresh, energetic, and convincingly cruel. He spoke for all of the people who judge on outward appearances and as a result had some brilliant lines.

The show has some very funny lines, but most of them make you shudder because we have heard them used to hurt people on the playground and in the workplace.

FAT PIG has a lot of reasons to recommend it; they are Tiffany Green, Nicholas Wilder, Ali Kresch, and Jeff Blim.

FAT PIG will run until August the 7th. It will be followed in the Cabaret with Ain’t Misbehaving. The Odd Couple opens on the Main Stage on August the 4th.

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